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Proverbs To Live By

October 7th, 2018

Proverbs To Live By

Go on, be a devil.

As you are here, you might as well leave a comment or add a Proverb. Thank you in advance
This is a collection of Proverbs, Quotes and sayings to live by, It is my Bible for life

If you care to add a Proverb to it, or pass a comment, please do so, all are welcome to the feast of life.

The Painting to the left is titled,Red sails, Galway Bay It is a slight Impasto style Acrylic on Canvas painting of the Land and Seascape of Galway Ireland and is in my collection.
.If you find the time someday, take a look at it.

Thank You.

Hanging up.

October 16th, 2013

Hanging up.

For those of you that are lucky enough to be living in the Boston area, you can now see some of my Original work hanging in Mac Murray Design Studio in Hanover.
Please support your local art galleries and Artists.





The Wayfarer

October 16th, 2012

The Wayfarer

A little piece of Irish History

Patrick Pearse was an Irish teacher, barrister, poet, writer, nationalist and political activist who was one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916. He was declared "President of the Provisional Government" of the Irish Republic in one of the bulletins issued by the Rising's leaders. Following the collapse of the Rising and the execution of Pearse, his brother (Willie Pearse), and fourteen other leaders, Pearse came to be seen by many as the embodiment of the rebellion. 26+6=1