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Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy

Cork, Ireland


For those of you who have traveled to Ireland and forgot or just did not have the time to buy something to remind you of your trip, now is your chance to own an Original, one of a kind and signed by the Irish artist oil or Acrylic on canvas paintings. Some of my work depicts the most beautiful places in Ireland, like the Cliffs of Moher, The Ring of Kerry, the lakes of Killarney, Kinsale in Co Cork, The Skelligs Islands off Co Kerry or Dingle in Co Kerry..
For those of you that have not yet visited Ireland, shame on you
If you come across a painting that you like but the Original is already Sold, please contact me and I can do a rendition of it again , I will post it into my Gallery and if you like the result, you can go ahead and order it, if not, that is fine too.

Conor was born in Ireland, and spent over 25 years living in the United States but returned to Ireland in August of 2015 and is presently living in West Cork.
He loves the Land and Seascape of his country and some of life's little pleasures
which he has included in his gallery.
A lot of his work is in Impasto, this reflects the rich texture of the Irish landscape
and especially the rugged landscape of the West Coast of Ireland.

I hope you find some enjoyment in my works, and welcome home.
Thank you so much for stopping by,


Why not buy that special person in your life a print of one of my works, or that wedding gift that you just could not decide on what to buy,
here is the answer !!! Also my Greeting Cards are 7 x 5 Inches in size and are $10 on average and look Fantastic Framed. A gift like this will last many years and could increase in value.( If I cut my ear off )
Fine Art America have a fantastic choice of frames to choose from too.

Also I would like to thank all the Art Collectors that have bought Prints of my work in the past and ask that you leave an e-mail address
for me to thank you personally if you purchase one in the future.

If you want an authentication card with my signature to attach to the back of a print that you may buy here,
please contact me.


Look at me by Conor Murphy


All washed up by Conor Murphy


All knoted up by Conor Murphy


Soul searching by Conor Murphy


Flip Flops 2 by Conor Murphy


Cape Cod by Conor Murphy


Left behind by Conor Murphy


Cyber - Cityscape by Conor Murphy


BarleyCove by Conor Murphy


MotherBoard cityscape by Conor Murphy


MotherBoard Tanks by Conor Murphy


Cyber city by Conor Murphy


Made in China by Conor Murphy


The Wayfarer by Conor Murphy


The Mother by Conor Murphy


Ideal by Conor Murphy


Still waters by Conor Murphy


Garden in Nepal by Conor Murphy


Window with a view by Conor Murphy


Room with a view by Conor Murphy


Harmony by Conor Murphy


Feng Shui by Conor Murphy